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Helpful Research Documents

When you’re doing research, the best places to look for reliable and accurate periodicals are the databases the school district maintains for your use. Databases available to you are listed below, as well as some other search tools.  Usernames and passwords are available at dshsLIB Database Passwords if you’re logged into Google Drive. If you want to narrow or expand your search, go to Google it Better. If you need help vetting a source, take the CRAAP Test. Plus, you can PRINT for FREE from the databases!


TexQuest Logo - Final Giant database covering multiples subjects and areas of interest.
Additional GALE Resources


            proquest ELibrary, ProQuest Research Library, History & Literature
    Infobase Careers & Education, Current Issues, History, Bloom’s Literature, Medical & Health
Learning Express Learning Express is a suite of highly-acclaimed eLearning solutions provides interactive tutorials, practice tests, e-books, flashcards and articles for academic skill-building, standardized test preparation, career development and more
jstor Arts & Sciences Collections

Life Sciences

19th Century British Pamphlets

Ecology and Botany II

Business IV

 global_plants Database including  content, tools, and people interested in plant science
 msa-university-library-online-database-JSTOR-Aluka African Cultural Heritage Sites and Landscapes
 jstor struggles Struggles for Freedom in Southern Africa
Other Useful Resources:

google-scholar        owl           digital-commons


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